The Latest Social Media Marketing Tips to Know about

Social media marketing is still very much in vogue, despite the harsh criticism these platforms have faced in recent years. However, there might be certain changes to platforms that marketers must be aware of when creating content. With that in mind, refer to these top tips for social media marketing right now:

Use Video as a Content Format Whenever Possible

On Facebook, live video is the latest craze. Even on Instagram, videos are becoming prominent. Therefore, one of the best content formats to get your brand message across is video. Do invest in creating great video content for the social media sites you are using. On Facebook, don’t overlook live video. Also, don’t avoid video because your company doesn’t have the budget. Most people shoot social media posts using smartphone cameras, which your brand can also use not just to save money, but also to generate authenticity.

Integrate PPC Efforts with Social Media

Maintaining a consistent brand message should be on top of your concerns for social media marketing. Maintaining the consistency can be rather difficult when the brand’s content messages differ between social media platforms and search engine ad copies. It’s highly recommended to integrate these two to send a singular and targeted brand message. Companies can hire a paid advertising Sydney agency to oversee this integration for the best results.

Keep Social Media Posts Accurate and Relevant

It’s no secret that social media sites are cracking down on false or misleading content. Don’t risk your content getting de-ranked or blacklisted as spam. Dedicate the efforts to creating only the top-quality content for promotional purposes on platforms like Facebook. Quantity won’t win your brand any points. It’s the quality that ultimately matter, especially in the age of “fake news.”

Keep Text Minimal and Easy to Read

Those long paragraphs on Facebook post descriptions? Most potential customers won’t bother to read those. The best writing format for brands on social media is short and snappy. Try to be humorous and intriguing whenever it’s relevant. Make posts attractive by making it a quick read. You can certainly use copywriting techniques here for the best results. Avoid writing anything really long unless it’s necessary, such as a disclaimer.

Avoid Traditional Marketing Tactics

Most social media users, who are largely millennials and Gen Zers, are highly averse to overly promotional sales tactics on social media. That is to say, don’t post things saying “buy this” or “click that to buy.” Use organic content to generate interest and drive traffic. Your brand’s entire social media campaign could blow over by using traditional marketing-type content.

Make Use of the Newest Features on Social Media

Facebook has live video. Instagram now has Stories. Twitter has memes. There’s a new and hip feature every social media platform has that potential customers love. Allow your marketing team to use these new features and tools to create a great brand identity that customers can truly connect with.

Social media marketing isn’t rocket science as long as you continue to familiarise yourself with the latest trends. Ultimately, connecting with the customer is what really matters because special media platforms are a powerful conduit for creating brand loyalty. So use the above tips wisely to connect with your brand’s audience.


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