Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Small Business

Carrying out promotional activities may not be the most thrilling part of running a business. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs think it is one of the expendable activities that doesn’t require a whole lot of attention. However, in reality, without it, no business can survive in the marketplace. While a satisfied customer’s word of mouth within their communities about just how great your product or service offerings are is one of the best forms of publicity you can ask for, it isn’t something you can rely on entirely! A business must take charge and spread the word on their own in the most cost-effective manner possible, and here are a few effective ways in which you can accomplish this goal as a small business.

Have An Online Presence

You may not have the advanced capabilities and vast capital reserves as the industry leaders do, however, this doesn’t mean you should simply back out of the competition and bring down your objectives. One of the best ways to match the promotional capabilities of major competitors is through online advertising, which is inexpensive but very effective. Start by creating a website for your enterprise that you can converge all your online promotional efforts on. A few questions that you must ask include what is the price of a website? How long does it take to develop a website? And were the competitors successful in advertising through their websites?

Social media is another great platform over which any enterprise can share information, perform surveys and interact with their customers without having to spend any more than on a computer and an internet connection. Select a few platforms that are most suitable for you and manage the content in a regular and appropriate manner.

Buddy Marketing

This is a collaborative approach to promotion that can be adopted by two or more firms. Here the companies would use their resources and capabilities to carry out promotional activities together and extend their reach beyond their individual capabilities. When sending out brochures, for example, you can include a business card of another business that has agreed to do the same for you in return. This way, you get make your brand visible a pool of potential customers who you couldn’t have reached on your own. Here, instead of partnering with a business from an unrelated industry, always try and join forces with a complementary business as this will significantly reduce the costs related to the promotional campaign.

Mobile Billboards!

Simply put, these are vehicles that can be used as promotional tools. As a small enterprise, you will not be able to display your brand logo or advertise about giveaways and discounts on giant billboards on the roadside because of the mammoth costs associated with it. Instead, convert your vehicle (and the vehicles of your employees if they are okay with it!) into mobile billboards that can spread awareness about your brand wherever it goes. Even the time you spend stuck in traffic will add value to your company as all those drivers around you get to see the logo, slogan, web address, contact number or anything else that you are trying to promote.

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