How Digital Marketers Can Reduce Tedious Tasks and Focus on Important Goals

Digital marketing unfortunately isn’t all about targeting audiences, converting potential buyers, and driving traffic from PPC ads. Most SEO-related marketing tasks involve a lot of tedious work. That means a lot of time wasted on side tasks and not focusing on the end goals for a campaign.

A success for a digital marketing campaign relies on being highly productive and reducing time waste. Of course, just about every digital marketer talks about efficiency. But how many actually achieve it?

The first step towards becoming efficient starts with cutting down tedious tasks to focus on core aspects on the campaign. You can start doing so with the following useful tips:

Do Use Tools

SEO marketing involves a lot of time spend researching and uploading things. Want to find out what the best publications are for publishing your content? Having trouble looking up influencers? You can reduce the time searching for most things by using the right tools.

Buzzsumo is a major example of a tool you can use to look up trends and influencers. This tool offers a lot of useful information you can use to strategize. This is, if course, just one example. There are plenty of tools out there that can help digital marketers—be it something simple like Evernote or a complex tool like Google’s BigQuery.

Getting used to various online and app tools can be tricky. But use one or two to find out which tools assist in your work the most. Then it will be able to get used to them and start wasting time on unnecessary things.

Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Outsourcing is perhaps not the most friendly term digital marketers hear. However, outsourcing, or rather, forming partnerships can help move a digital marketing campaign along. For example, if coming up with an SEO strategy is taking too much time, you can use an expert like Shout Agency to divide and conquer the work.

Advertisers can use specialists, as mentioned above, to undertake time-consuming tasks, such as researching keywords, finding influencers, revamping website for CRO, and so on. You can focus on what you are good at instead, such as branding message or overall strategy. It can depend. But things can move faster and more efficiently when the right partners are involved.

Start Using Chatbots

When it comes to digital marketing, clients tend to have a lot of questions about things like SEO. Most potential clients would reach out with a ton of questions before they are ready to acquire your services for a fee. Providing customer support by hand can be very tedious, especially for superficial requests. This is where chatbots come in.

Chatbots can’t deliver tailor-made responses, of course. However, these little programs can engage interested customers. Chatbots are very useful for responding to initial inquiries. When you see that an inquiry is going somewhere, you can start involving a real person. In the meantime, that’s a lot of time saved for other important work.

Hire Freelancers

Yes, freelancers can be very helpful when it comes down to eliminating time-consuming, non-essential tasks. Freelancers can help you write content, add colour to graphics, or even with filling out forms for databases. Separate the tasks from the campaign that a freelancer can handle. Make sure nothing important gets thrown into the mix.

There is an art to hiring freelancers that can actually help you, rather than add more work with subpar performance. Hire freelancers by searching their professional profiles on LinkedIn, in possible. There should be a trial period before you ask the freelancer to commit to a project.

Good communication is essential when working with a freelancer. When all these boxes are checked, you will be able to rely on a part-timer to reduce overall time spent on inessential project-related things.

Use Automation Software

This is separate from using tools to help you in the process of getting things done. Automation software can get small, simple tasks done for you. These programs are very useful for cutting back on tedious things to save yourself a lot of money.

To use automation software, you should first know which type of things that can be automated. For example, there are plenty of cheap and even free tools that help you automate the process of sending mass emails. You can schedule a send time and automate the process of sending. Other tasks you can automate include uploading social media posts on a specific time and sending customer quotes.

It’s all about streamlining your work in stress-free manner. Invest in automation software to focus on work that actually matters.

The above tips should help you become more organized so you spend time on tasks that help you achieve project goals directly. Use the suggestions to make time management easier, and your work more fulfilling.

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