Different Types of Energy Sources

Energy is perhaps one of the most essential things that you need in order to survive. There are different energy sources that are utilized around the world and more are being discovered as time goes by. Mostly, these sources are used to produce electricity which you use in your home. What are these energy sources?

1. Solar Energy

By the term itself, solar energy comes from the sun which is transmitted through solar panels. It is a form of energy source that is widely used in homes and buildings nowadays as there are a lot of benefits that can be acquired from it. Furthermore,  industrial solar energy   is a trend today in most industries because it is cost-efficient.

2. Wind Energy

Wind energy makes use of large turbines to turn wind into a form of energy. The turbine also turns into a generator to make the harvested wind into electricity for home consumption. Many countries are also resorting in this source of energy especially in countries who have places where they can strategically place wind turbines.

3. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a form of energy generated from the earth – beneath the earth at that. It can supply a wide range of consumers and is even utilized in different industries, but the things is, there are only selected areas where geothermal energy is produced.

4. Hydroelectric Energy

Even during the past years, many cities used hydropower to light up cities and houses. Dams are used to create hydropower by which the power of water turns on the generators to produce electricity. A major problem that is faced with this energy source is that, dams are getting older and older too which means that it needs renovation or worst, a new one which is something that can be done easily.

5. Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is produced in nuclear power plants and is considered to be one of the most harmful energy sources because of the amount of wastes that it produces. The debate is ongoing regarding the safety of using such energy source but even with the ongoing debate, there are still countries who make use of this energy source due to the scarcity or shortage and high price of energy sources.

6. Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel refers to the coal, oil and natural gas which are known to be as the major sources of energy. Oil alone which is converted into gasoline is needed by almost everyone every day. The demand is high and there is even a shortage at times. The reserves are limited which makes the supply limited too.

Without these energy sources, the way you live could have been different. No electricity would have been produced to power up lights, televisions and all. The way we are living wouldn’t be as easy and as convenient as we are doing today. There would be no machines and all which means that everything needs to be done manually. All thanks to these sources, we are enjoying a lot of things today.

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